Special Operations Group (SOG)

The primary mission of the Jeffersontown Police Department Special Operations Group (JPDSOG) is to provide special operations support for incidents that pose a threat to public safety, would otherwise exceed the capabilities of traditional law enforcement first responders and/or investigative units, and where specialized training and equipment can be utilized for the safety and benefit of the citizens of the community and of police personnel. These operations include, but are not limited to, high-risk warrant service, dignitary protection, active shooter response, fugitive apprehension, terrorism response, special assignments or any other incident that may involve a threat to human life. The SOG also trains JPD officers in modern law enforcement techniques including but not limited to containment, active shooter response, and tactical movement. 
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The JPD Special Operations Group is comprised of a group of carefully selected officers, who are prepared both physically and mentally to perform the SOG mission. Team members have been recruited, selected, trained, equipped to function as a team. The JPD Special Operation Group’s primary goal is to provide tactical solutions that preserve life and public safety, as opposed to other functions, such as investigation.