Recognition of Services

For several years now, staff from the Jeffersontown Police Department have gathered annually to officially recognize employees and citizens for acts of valor, extraordinary achievement or outstanding service to the police department and the community. Those receiving these awards were recognized internally in the department and our city government for their selfless service but we have fallen short with offering accolades in a public forum to promote the awesome contributions that these folks have made to public safety for our community, its residents, businesses and visitors alike. 

The Jeffersontown Police Department is proud and honored to acknowledge the following employees for actions displayed during 2014, the most recent year for which awards were given:

Life Saving Medal

Employees who without delay take direct, immediate, and positive action to preserve the life of a human being who is in real and imminent danger of death, and when their action(s) do in fact prevent their death shall be eligible for the Life Saving Medal.

Officer Matthew Pribble

 Meritorious Service Medal

Employees who exhibit an act(s) of distinctive gallantry or achievement that reflects great credit upon themselves and the Department shall be eligible for the Meritorious Service Medal.
Officer Brendan Mills
Officer Peyton Henderson
Officer Matthew Pribble  
Officer Sarah King
Officer Reginald Shafer
Officer Brandon Eggen
Officer Scott Hurley
Officer Tom McCann
Officer Andrew Eichberger
Detective Scott Wachowiak

Detective Nick Presley
Detective Mark Timperman
Detective Steve Schmidt 
Detective Steve Fisher
Detective Wesley Parks

Certificate of Commendation 

Presented to employees who exhibit an act(s) of significant achievement or service that reflects credit upon themselves and the Department shall be eligible for the Certificate of Commendation. 
Officer Aaron Hubbuch
Detective Scott Wachowiak
Detective Mark Timperman
Detective Wesley Parks
Detective Nick Presley 
Dispatcher Gayle Ellingsworth
Dispatcher Karen Coyle 
Dispatcher Doug Cohron
Clerk Debra Wood